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One more Letter: ‘Watchdog’s’ public records check raises more questions


This is a continuation of my last letter about some concerns I believe Kirkersville officials should have reviewed before making Mark Bossa permanent chief of police. Here are some more of those concerns regarding Bossa:

• At a previous department, he was suspended for “distributing printed material to the public on village time not authorized by the mayor or council.”

• He signed an Ultimate Use Affidavit’ in 2003 saying that an officer was on the department when according to OPOTA (and a written resignation) he was not. The affidavit authorized this person to purchase a gun claiming he needed it for his work.

• Authorized himself to purchase an assault rifle from a local gun shop.

• A statement from a former Shawnee Hills clerk stated that she was concerned about his “Improper recording and accounting for his time worked.”

• A former Shawnee Hills mayor was concerned that reserve officers weren’t being properly supervised. Work time was declining and the office was “in an administrative distressed condition, a mess.”

• Caused a local company to “issue a credit card personally to him designated for use for his personal vehicle(s).”

• Did not file required statistics to Ohio BCI&I.

• Did not maintain accurate and complete records of officers, backgrounds, applications, training and equipment issued to and recovered from village officers.

I made a records request to Shawnee Hills for some of their PUBLIC records so that I could write an accurate letter. I was told by their current clerk, Shirley Roskoski, that the first 20 pages are free. The cost after that is 5 cents per page. I thought that was great and drove to Shawnee Hills to get the records. In reviewing the records, Shirley had given me 20 duplicate pages…so nothing was free! She claims she didn’t realize some of the pages had already been copied. Thanks to Chief Bossa, Shirley was hired for a couple of months in Kirkersville (at $20 per hour) to help train the new clerk in some of the accounting procedures. Kirkersville also shares a solicitor with Shawnee Hills.

Kirkersville was preparing to enlist Robert Apple, an acquaintance/ co-worker of Bossa’s as a reserve police officer. Mr. Apple and Officer Dana Russell went to the Flying J and ate dinner. Both men insisted that Apple should get a meal discount although Apple was not in uniform. Apple produced a badge, which Bossa was not supposed to have issued to him until after his Oath of Office was notarized. Apple was never ‘officially’ put on the police roster in Kirkersville. He essentially quit before he was hired. However, Bossa had authorized Apple to use the OHLEG (Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway- computer based investigative tools for police officers) system on August 4th and didn’t take him off until September 11th. The incident at Flying J happened around August 17th. Apple would not have been an officer until August 21st. The “Notice of Peace Officer Appointment” to OPOTA was filled out and then, in black marker, the words “VOID. Not sent in” was written across the front of the form. I was told that is because he was never an officer for Kirkersville. I have also been told that Dana Russell is also resigning from Kirkersville effective September 30th. As far as I’m concerned, that’s two less bad apples for Kirkersville!
Bonnie Mansfield

Buckeye Lake

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