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One more Letter: ‘Watchdog’ sees Kirkersville making progress


Kirkersville seems to be getting back on the right track. The voters finally approved an operating levy that the prior GOB ‘s (Good Ol’ Boys) failed THREE times to get passed.

I am anxious to hear the outcome of some issues that were created during the reign of former GOB’s and should be corrected by the two remaining GOB’s – Brian Denton and solicitor Debbie Kenney before she breaks her contract and leaves in July after about six years. Some of the issues are:

1) Will FORMER police chief Robert Chamberlain II be charged as a criminal? He resigned in May of 2008 and took with him his personnel file AND five hard drives full of police records. It was noted that the village lost a case because Chamberlain had the necessary evidence.

2) Will FORMER Kirkersville Kops or GOB’s be charged as criminals? Kirkersville taxpayers had to reimburse over $600 to a man whose money had been taken into the evidence room and then was TAKEN by FORMER Kirkersville Kops.

It’s outrageous when Kops are no better than the criminals they arrest and I believe it is just as outrageous when a solicitor/ prosecutor sits by and does nothing about it!

Solicitors and prosecutors are supposed to be EARNING THEIR MONEY! I have heard complaints (and have made complaints) about other local prosecutors having cases sit on their desks for months! We all know the state of the economy and we are all having to pinch our pennies. All government entities should be just as devoted to ensuring that our tax dollars are wisely spent. So, if public officials aren’t going to do their jobs, get rid of them!

And to change the subject, I have explained to many, many people that the Licking County Animal Shelter is NOT the Humane Society. It is the DOGPOUND! If you are taking an animal to the ‘humane society’ make sure it isn’t the DOGPOUND! Read the door and be warned. If you are taking a dog to the DOGPOUND and the dog is SCARED, it may be deemed aggressive by one of the shelter/dog pound employees. If it is deemed aggressive, it is put in the GAS CHAMBER without sedation and GASSED TO DEATH! I encourage all of Licking County citizens to call the commissioners at 740-349-6000 and express your desire to get rid of this barbaric, inhumane monstrosity! No matter who or what life is being taken, it should be done humanely.

I wish to express my sincere thanks to my neighborhood ‘Animal Angels’ who grieved for the loss of the life of a beautiful little kitty that we called Checkers. She was dumped about two years ago by an uncaring person and left to suffer by yet another. Checkers was hit by a car and left in the middle of the street early one morning last week. Regardless of how you feel about animals, if you come into our neighborhood YOU BETTER SLOW DOWN! We have children here and animals and we have the highest regard for their lives! And if that isn’t enough to slow people down, we now have cameras installed!

Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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