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One more Letter: Former council member questions recent actions


The Beacon
reported that the village council appointed a current council member to fill Drew Bourne’s vacant council seat. I recently learned that council didn’t even interview or meet the two residents who turned in resumes for the job. Council spent our tax money to advertise for the job but didn’t even meet those people? Why didn’t Council Member Shelley Small run a campaign for another term on council if she wanted to stay?

Mayor Foster hired a new employee without even advertising for the position. Toby Miller is the new water inspector but there’s nothing to inspect yet. The village told us we couldn’t hook up to the meter boxes until the pressure tests were done next year so why should we pay for someone who has nothing to do? Why didn’t Foster let the new mayor handle this next year? I’m sure he would have at least made the position public for everyone to apply.

I like Toby but he already works for the Fire Department and the 911 center. There are a lot of people unemployed and trying to support families. It’s unfair for Mayor Foster not to advertise this village job and give everyone a chance.

The council I was on never would have put up with these underhanded moves. They talk about how positive their leadership is but I just don’t see any good in these decisions.

A village employee told me that Frank Foster will be in charge of the Planning Commission next year. I thought we were done with local contractors getting in on the action.
Brenda Hileman

Buckeye Lake

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