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One more Letter: Couple upset with restaurant’s lack of compassion


I’ve never written a letter to an Editor of a paper, but I just finished reading the letter from Chris Stapleton in your paper and felt compelled to write. First, let me extend my deepest sympathy and condolences to Mr. Stapleton and his daughter on the loss of his wife and his daughter’s mother. I understand the loss profoundly, as my mother passed away at the age of 61 a few years ago and it still stings today.

Let me just say that when I finished reading his letter I was outraged at the lack of compassion and sympathy the manager and district manager of Taco Bell displayed towards that young lady. Obviously, being a shift manager, she has shown herself to be a hard worker and trustworthy and deserved better treatment than that. My husband and I patronize that store often, at least once a week. I am offended by their behavior and I can say with absolute certainty that we will not be back. This is not the example I expect from my neighbors or wish to support in my community. We’ll take our business elsewhere.

Sherri Zaiser Thornville

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