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Ohio 79 traffic light at Mill Dam Road difficult to decipher


I’m writing and concerned about the potential of a tragedy at the corner of Ohio 79 and Mill Dam Road in Buckeye Lake Village. It’s the traffic light that day by day and year by year is becoming more difficult to see.

As you approach Buckeye Lake from Hebron on Ohio 79 there is what I call a “pseudo intersection” so to the right is the entrance to a Taco Bell, a McDonalds and a Motel 6. To the left is Mill Dam Road. The traffic light is very dim and even on a sunny day, a driver has the potential of becoming involved in a very dangerous guessing game. And when it is cloudy the situation is even worse.

If you agree with me maybe you can get online and notify the proper state agency. I can only write to the local papers to let others know about the potential for a deadly crash there.

David Scarberry

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