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Ohio 79 portion of storm sewer upgrade is complete

BUCKEYE LAKE- The Ohio 79 portion of the storm sewer upgrade is “essentially complete,” said Jobes Henderson & Associates President Jim Roberts, although the rest of the project will continue until August.

He said the Ohio 79 portion is wrapped up just in time for an Ohio 79 curb/sidewalk project to begin. “There will be minor finishing items out there, but the major work is complete,” Roberts said Tuesday.“The contractor is now working along 6th Avenue.” That work entails “rolling closures” where the road is closed at the point where the work is occurring, but open on both ends. Roberts said the project will then turn down North Street and finally along a short stretch of Highland Avenue with the same rolling closure approach.

“The work is progressing very nicely and ahead of schedule,” he said. The contractual completion date is July 31 for all pipe work and Aug. 10 for final clean-up. “We anticipate them being done sooner if things continue to move well,” said Roberts.

Jobes Henderson’s plans changed for the project and will involve less work than expected, said Roberts. “The village obtained the grant to perform a storm sewer project essentially as it is being installed now,” he said. “When Jobes Henderson was retained to perform the design, we felt the village would be better served by a project that included a larger outlet structure and some other items. Because contractor bids have been extremely unpredictable over the past few years, we hoped a contractor would be able to construct the higher benefit project for the same cost as the original intent.”

Roberts said the bids did not come in low enough to do the extra work, so Jobes Henderson retreated to the original design. “This was an extra effort on our part and that of the village to have some foresight and be prudent with the grant funds and village funds,” he said. “It did not work this time, but was well worth our extra effort.”

During the June 12 Buckeye Lake Village Council meeting, council President Charlene Hayden said she attended a meeting with representatives from Jobes Henderson and Mike Riley of Layton Excavating. Riley said he thought the project was moving smoothly. Hayden said at the next council meeting there would likely be a change order for work required to remove over two feet of high density fill in the road near the Buckeye Lake Fire Department. She said the extra work required a track hoe, a hoe ram, additional labor, and trucking costs, totaling $3,445.56.

Roberts said the village sidewalk project, which Licking County CDBG funds are financing, has also started. curbs and sidewalks are extended north along Ohio 79. Traffic will occasionally be reduced to one lane in each direction.

Buckeye Lake Mayor Rick Baker said he was told the sidewalk and curb work will be completed by June 29, ahead of the busy Fourth of July weekend.

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