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ODNR is ignoring the East end


I have owned a home at Buckeye Lake for eight years. And I have watched the improvements to the west end of the lake; and have paid for and raised money for our community on Copper Penny Channel to have our channel dredged.

I have written emails asking ODNR to please put a measuring station at the east end of the lake since we are more shallow than the west end. I believe it has fallen on deaf ears.

I have asked that the dredging projects be directed to the east end. In return I get that the dredged material is too wet (dah) and there’s nowhere to place it. Well local farmers took all the dredged material from all three canals that were dredged in my area.

Why is it that the east end which didn’t cause the damage to the dam gets ignored. With the “ new summer level,” we may not have enough water to put our props down.

Now confusion over speeds zones and no wake zones? Even thinking about prop plane landings?

A recreational lake is mainly for fishing and boating….don’t you think the emphasis should be on making it a complete lake again for ALL AREAS! It’s bad enough our property values fell 50% with no tax relief.

I’m tired of the ODNR not watching out for the east end.

Dan Rozzo
East End

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