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ODNR information ‘black-out’ continues

BUCKEYE LAKE – It’s now clear that at least a year will have passed between the completion of Phase I and the start of Phase II.

For the past year, ODNR has bragged that the dam replacement project is a year ahead of the original schedule. If that’s the case, most of it has been lost in the last 12 months of inactivity.

We’ve inquired about the Phase II startup status three times in recent weeks. Three weeks ago, The Beacon asked project spokesman Ian Nickey about the slow startup and some rumors that could possibly be responsible for the delay. He ignored our specific questions and didn’t address the rumors. His two sentence answer was: “Thanks for reaching out. ODNR is currently working through contracting, once complete subcontractors will be selected.”

We followed up with him a week ago. That time he didn’t respond at all.

This week we decided to ask ODNR spokesperson Matt Eiselstein about the delay. He’s apparently adopted the two-sentence rule as well: “Residents should expect to see equipment on site late next week. We are in the final stages of solidifying the contracts for the subcontractors.” Unfamiliar with “solidifying” a contract, he told us in a one word response that “solidifying” means “finalizing.”

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