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Number of candidates looks to favor incumbents


In November, all13 Fairfield County Townships will be electing two trustees. Only Walnut Township has as many as seven people seeking two positions. Two are incumbents and five others are seeking their positions.

Two ideas enter my mind with this high number. Either we have some controversy here in Walnut Township and five people know they can do a better job as a trustee, or some of the five have entered the race to diffuse the votes to help reelect the incumbents. I hope the second reason is a false reason to enter an election.

However, in reviewing the results of the 2005 election, there were six persons seeking the seats of the same two incumbents. The third place vote getter was only about ten votes short of unseating one of the current members. Had one or two of the bottom vote getters not ran, those votes would have split in such a way that the third place finisher might have won.

However, that is only conjecture, but if you are not voting for an incumbent, those votes could very well have landed a new person in one of the current incumbent spots. Two of the five non-incumbents in 2005 are running again this year.

My prediction is, and I hope I am wrong, is that the five non-incumbents will again split the vote so as to permit the reelection of the two-seated trustees, and it will be four more years of lackluster and weak leadership for us living in Walnut Township.
Tom Tweedle

Walnut Townshp

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