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Not everybody is a Glenn Beck fan


I am responding to the writer last week urging readers to watch Glenn Beck.

By all means, spend as much time with Glenn Beck as possible – if you can tear yourself away from the Pee Wee Herman Comedy Show! Beck, better known as “King of the Clowns” or “King of the Conspiracy Theorists,” is “Fair and Balanced Paranoia on Demand” everyday at 5 p.m.. Let me name some of the conspiracy theories he has endorsed or dreamed up: death panels, FEMA concentration camps, crypto-Muslim sleeper agents, Communists at NBC, 9/11, Government storm troopers, moon bunkers for those who will destroy this country, End Times because of Japanese quake, tsunami and reactor accident, etc., etc., etc.

The John Birch Society and Father Coughlin would be proud of Beck, a man who can spew more misinformation, disinformation, innuendo and hate than just about anybody on TV. If he and his followers didn’t take him seriously, he would be the country’s top comedy show.

He has been slammed by such notable conservatives as Joe Scarborough, William Christol, David Frumm and David Gergen as a blot on the Republican party and the Conservative movement.

Listen up, folks, not only is this guy a clever manipulative clown, he is a complete fraud.

C. H. Jackson
Harbor Hills

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