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North Shore Landing is coming together

The North Shore Landing in Buckeye Lake Village is taking shape after being stalled by the housing crash. Beacon photo by Scott Rawdon.

The North Shore Landing in Buckeye Lake Village is taking shape after being stalled by the housing crash. Beacon photo by Scott Rawdon.

BUCKEYE LAKE – The North Shore Landing project is finally beginning to resemble what its creator, Garry McAnally, president of Wachtel & McAnally Architects/ Planners, Inc. had in mind for it before the real estate bubble burst several years ago.

“I’m starting to see what was intended from the beginning,” he said. Anyone who passes the project regularly can see that the North Shore Landing community, which is adjacent to the North Shore Boat Ramp in Buckeye Lake Village, is expanding rapidly. “We currently have 10 dwelling units completed and two under construction. We have room for up to eight more buildings. We’re also planning for a retail building along Walnut Road.”

McAnally said all of the buildings constructed or under construction are sold, except for one condominium. He’s seeing strong interest in the development. “It’s picking up,” he said. “Things are rolling and moving.”

McAnally said there’s no specific timeline for building the remaining eight structures. “We’re building as we sell,” he said. “I can’t give a timeline. It’s whatever the market bears.”

One of the waterfront community’s more prominent features is a new towering lighthouse replica, which is attached to a new residence that purchaser Bill Lewis is constructing. “I think he calls it ‘Lewis Tower,’” said McAnally. “It’s a great view from up there.”

McAnally said builders are focusing on residential construction for the time being. However, he does plan to create a commercial structure for smaller retail close to Ohio 79, on the side of the development that’s opposite the lake. There are no longer plans for Newark restaurateur Eric Mason to build a waterfront restaurant and club, but McAnally would like to see a small restaurant locate in the proposed commercial space, along with, possibly, private offices or small retail stores. “Right now, we’re concentrating on residential,” he said.

“I’m thrilled to death with what Garry’s done,” said Buckeye Lake Mayor Rick Baker. He said he hopes McAnally eventually builds in other areas of the village in addition to the North Shore Landing. Baker said McAnally works well with village administration. “He comes to the planning commission and he’s ready with what they need,” he said.

“The planning commission’s been very good to work with,” said McAnally. “There’s a good group of neighbors (at the North Shore Landing), too.”

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