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New utilities position questioned


Buckeye Lake needs a utilities superintendent? There are two part-time employees now with the water department, and they can’t handle the job. You see the water department truck out in the village and it’s not Mr. Miller, it’s the other part-time water department employee. It seems Mr. Miller is always at the village hall; I never see him out checking the fire hydrants. He’s not even qualified to perform the water testing. Mr. Miller has been water tech for almost two years now, and he has not obtained any water certifications yet? Something is wrong with this picture.

Councilwoman Ruton, yes it is taxpayer’s dollars that pays employee’s salaries including yours. Village residents passed a general operating levy. I guess it would be hard to advertise for a position when the requirements are to set on your rear in an office and do a little office work and be paid $ 45,000 per year. We all want a job like this.

Residents passed a fire levy and the fire chief gets paid a monthly salary and only shows up on fires and goes to the department once a week. He’s an EMT and firefighter. Councilwoman Ruton is a paramedic and her husband and Mr. Miller are firefighters and EMT’s. Some how we are constantly calling mutual aid. I know it’s a volunteer department but there is also something wrong with this picture. The village has paid personnel at the fire department, but they also do the village’s computer repairs at village hall while being paid from the fire deparatment. I’d like that job also.

The residents passed a police levy for 24-hour protection which we don’t have and the police department has to purchase used vehicles to patrol our streets – why? If there’s $ 45,000 available lets buy them a new patrol car. We have a police chief that has been here 20+ years and I bet he doesn’t get that kind of pay. This administration needs to start operating this village like a business and stop abusing taxpayers’ dollars.

I urge all village residents to not pass anymore levies so the administration can’t abuse our tax dollars anymore.

Amiee Raphael
Buckeye Lake

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