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New resident urged to get involved


I am writing in response to the recent letter to the editor by Karen Mingle who is new to the Buckeye Lake community. I am hoping she saw the front page last week of the Beacon. The 2010 advertisers were thanked and it was reported that shopping locally will improve the economic environment in our area.

I found it to be an amazing list and a fine representation of what this area has to offer. I hope others took the time to read through it. And if that list weren’t enough the Buckeye Lake Region Chamber of Commerce has another list of great businesses at I always look forward to spending time, and money, in these fine establishments.

As for the comments about the state of the Village of Buckeye Lake I can say I have attended recent meetings of business owners and officials and heard some great ideas. Ranging from promoting more local events to the aesthetics of the Village. I know too that they are glad to accept new volunteers and it is through individual efforts such as this that you can institute change.

So I encourage Mrs. Mingle, and others, to not only shop locally but to also get involved with the worthwhile organizations around Buckeye Lake. To become one of the hard working individuals who strives to make this area better every day. You will find it most rewarding and I promise you will meet some wonderful, caring and dedicated people.
Jodi N. Miller

Director of Member Services Buckeye
Lake Region Chamber Of Commerce

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