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New organization supports young mothers

LANCASTER – Tressa Spires had her first baby at 16 years old, and was fortunate to have a strong support system that helped her achieve her goals of becoming a college graduate, working, and creating a stable home. Today, she has four children and is an entrepreneur.

Spires is passionate about ensuring all young pregnant and single mothers have the same opportunity to succeed as she has, and Spires created Mary’s Safe House in Lancaster to offer a safe, stable home for homeless single mothers. Spires and her staff help single mothers identify the steps needed to achieve and maintain stability in their own homes.

Through Mary’s Safe House, Spires wants to end poverty for single mothers and their children by offering a warm and loving home with clothing and personal needs, divorce support, mental health needs, financial guidance, and job placement.

Also, Mary’s Safe House partners with the Lancaster community to ensure women receive help to become independent and stable mothers.

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