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New mayor severs one link with the Village of New Rome


The August 6 Kirkersville Council meeting was productive for the Village of Kirkersville, but not for the remaining GOB’s (Good Ole Boys). Zoning Chair and GOB Mike Cloud was visually distraught and appeared to be saying, “No! He’s done a good job!,” when Mayor Terry Ashcraft announced that he was replacing Kirkersville Magistrate John Galasso (whose contract had expired) with Attorney Kelly Roth.

Mr. Galasso, who was formerly the solicitor for the Village of New Rome, was hired by former mayor and current GOB Bennie Evans. Cloud’s wife, council member Jamie Cloud, abstained from the vote. Perhaps she was confused since her husband was voicing his disapproval from the audience, but solicitor Debbie Kenney was telling council members that they couldn’t have mayor’s court if they didn’t hire a magistrate.

Although Ms. Roth is now the new magistrate, Ms. Kenney is the still the Kirkersville Mayor’s Court prosecutor. BUT, Ms. Kenney was unable to attend the following Mayor’s Court. So, guess who she hired as her replacement? Give up? John Galasso, that’s who!!

After my last letter in which I wrote about someone dumping cats, I received a phone call from a guy who informed me that my letter was directed at him! I never mentioned anyone in particular, but he insisted that the letter was about him and warned me not to write about him again. I am appalled by anyone who could be cruel to animals and I am VERY concerned that a person with this mentality will turn his anger on people!

Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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