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New Lakewood superintendent to start Jan. 1

Mary Kay Andrews

Mary Kay Andrews

HEBRON – Lakewood School Board members announced Wednesday night that Mary Kay Andrews, who was chosen as Lakewood’s new superintendent to begin next summer, would serve as interim superintendent beginning Jan. 1, 2015, until her contract as permanent superintendent begins Aug. 1, 2015.

Board members unanimously approved medical leave status for current superintendent Jay Gault effective Jan. 1 through June 30, 2015.

Board President Judy White said in a statement, “Tonight the board takes notice that Jay Gault has been an integral part of the Lakewood Local School District fabric in that he has commanded from the helm of the district as superintendent for nearly 10 years. From his first board meeting to this one, no decision was made without his input, leadership, and expertise in providing the absolute best educational opportunities for the student of the Lakewood district. Professional friendships were forged, program choices were made, foundations laid, all with respect to the high expectations for our students to realize their true potential. And, success and growth have been much achieved. This board is indebted to you for your support and leadership.”

White continued, “Tonight we welcome Mary Kay Andrews into the Lakewood family. We, as a board employ and trust her with out mission to provide all students maximum opportunities to develop as life-long learners and productive citizens. This board, with diligence, did its homework. In selecting (Andrews), we made decisions in the best interest of the community and students we serve.

“This year, 2014 brought multiple changes to the district sprinkled with some controversy, some crisis, and some turmoil. But, we empathize that out of all that has sprung a fresh and new resolve to continue to move the Lakewood district forward to the next level of success. This board is genuinely committed to the success of each student. This board anticipates (Andrews’) enthusiasm, energy, and leadership will propel us forward to new heights,” White said.

“We really appreciate everything you’ve done for us,” board member Tricia Good said to Gault.

“I’m really looking forward to rolling up my sleeves,” Andrews said.

Andrews is currently Director of District Services at C-TEC.

Previously, Lakewood board members said Andrews comes to Lakewood with experiences for responsibilities including accreditation, facilities and grounds, district-wide technology and communications, as well as marketing and career development. She has been instrumental in supervising and improving existing satellite programs. She started two new middle school programs and has been leading the expansion of middle school service to all schools associated with C-TEC.

Andrews’ previous experience included the position of Director of the Secondary Center, which carries many of the same duties as a high school principal. She has demonstrated her care for students and their learning by ensuring that students graduated, maintaining one of the highest CTE graduation rates and CTE performance rates in the state. While secondary director, Andrews was an integral part of the new facility and building design, as well as obtaining experience with passing a levy to ensure funding for the project.

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