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New Kirkersville Police chief is the promise of the rainbow for us all


The rainbow is a sign of God’s promise, that he will guide us through any storm. That he will see us through all our troubles, no matter what their form.

When you feel battered by life’s storm, and you are filled with doubt and dismay,just remember God’s rainbow is coming, it’s only a prayer away.

The above verse comes to mind when I think of the storm Kirkersville went thru back in May of 2017. The loss of four lives, one being our Chief of Police Eric Disario. And the new hope we have now, the promise of our rainbow is our new Chief of Police Jeff Finley.

Chief Jeff Finley was hired back in Oct. of 2017, and in the short time he has been here, there is a positive change in the Village. There is law and order in place. He has made himself be known to the citizens of the village. I know him by name and by sight. He makes sure that his auxiliary officers be known as well, by name and by sight. There should be no guessing or doubt of who is here protecting us.

The Police Department sat dark and empty for five months.Now with Chief Finley in charge, there shines a light of life. An improvement in decor and a sense of all is welcome. If there is a concern, problem or you just want to stop by to say “Hi” or to meet the new Chief, he will always make the time to listen.

You will have his attention. If he doesn’t have an answer for you for a certain problem, he will try very hard to direct you to someone who does.

Chief Jeff Finley’s 30 year service background is impressive and respected. He makes it a priority to update the Police Department with what needs to be improved for the safety of his auxiliary officers and for the village he protects.

The Chief has been building a great team for the Police Department. Each one compliments the other and is a strong message for the village. We have three auxiliaries with room for more.

As for myself, I have lived in Kirkersville 10 years, and have owned a business here for one.

Sadly, I did not know Chief Disario. The day I learned of his existence was the day his watch ended. This should of never been the case. It saddens me greatly, for the shot I heard that morning, was the shot that took his life. It will forever be heard.

Chief Jeff Finley didn’t have to apply or accept this difficult position. But I feel he did because he knows the village needs the security in knowing the storm we went thru in May, his vow to serve and protect is the promise of the rainbow for us all.

Kathy Rogers
Owner of The Depot Thrift

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