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Nearly everyone can enjoy the pool


The powers to be in Millersport have decided they want to close the village swimming pool at the end of this season. They made this decision without ever asking any townspeople what they think. It seems like a protest is in order here, sort of like the Boston Tea Party.

Maybe we could all go down to the Circle K and the Family Dollar and buy all the tea they have and start pouring it into the swimming pool. They did come up with some ideas to replace the pool with, though they would only benefit a few segments of the population – walking paths, basketball courts, ball diamonds and horseshoe pits.

Now hold on just a minute, folks. The swimming pool is one activity that nearly everyone from age 1 to 100 can participate in and enjoy. But honestly, I’ve really never seen Granny Doe out there in her support hose shooting hoops or practicing man-to-man defense. And I can’t say that I remember baby Bubba begging to try out the walking path. We have outdoor courts now and as for walking what better place than the hills and dales of the Sweet Corn Festival grounds.

Another benefit of having the swimming pool is that it gives local youth a chance at a job and teaches them about responsibility and work life. It is also the main social gathering place all summer long for the kids of all ages. This is a reason parents can feel good about letting the kids got to the pool. It’s safe and supervised, in addition to being good exercise. Young families get together at the pool and get to know each other and form new friendships. The same happens with senior citizens.

If you go ahead and close the pool and then decide you’d like to have it back, it’s a whole ‘nother ball game. I don’t believe swimming pools can be grandfathered.

I used to be on Carroll’s zoning board. Residents really wanted a pool and I helped with the research. Just the initial planning costs thousands of dollars. Once you think you have found some suitable land, you have to undertake all kinds of studies – for endangered species, birds, bugs, frogs, worms – basically everything that is endangered or might be so in next 20 years. Then you have to do the same thing with all the flora and fauna present. Finally you start moving dirt and creating all the dust that goes with it. Then you get into the paving, dirt and the dust that goes with it, affecting nearby homes. Each and every one of these steps requires expensive and extensive studies. And you haven’t even started digging the hole. You’ll never have a pool less expensive than the one you already have.

If the mayor and council continue along with this line of thinking, then I would like them to be fair and put this to a vote so they can really know how people feel about the pool. I’ll close with one last thought – EVERY CHILD SHOULD KNOW HOW TO SWIM.

Barb Hanners

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