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National Day of Prayer – who cares?


It’s not like we can’t pray every day. You know, with the price of gasoline and the traffic and the kids (not to mention the spouse), everyone prays. Even if you don’t believe in a personal God, there’s always the Friday lottery prayer (“Lord, why don’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?”)

I mean, why do we need a “special” day to pray? This is America! Our dollar bill says “In God We Trust”. Sure, some are trusting in the stimulus or the health bill or that at least Social Security will last till we’ve kicked the bucket; but do we need the President to tell us to pray? I can pray under an apple tree if I want to (if I can find one not on private property).

National Day of Prayer is the first Thursday of May (the 5th). You could attend a local event (if there is one) or you can pause at Noon at work or home or you might even gather with a few friends (on the spur of the moment).

What if this were the last National Day of Prayer? Who cares?

Doug Lynn

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