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Museum ‘donation’ questioned


I have been boating on Buckeye Lake since the amusement park was there. Recently, we moved closer to the area and found there was a Buckeye Lake Historical Museum in Buckeye Lake right on Walnut Road/Ohio79.

Upon entering, we took about four steps, and were greeted by a women yelling “EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! There is a $4 donation for each of you!” as she pointed to the “donation” box.

While the museum was nice and informative, being greeted in such a condescending way is a turn off. Additionally, it’s not a “donation” if it’s required before you enter, that’s called an “admission”.

I don’t mind supporting a good cause, but if you are running a non-profit based on donations, you might want to brush up on your people skills. I personally would have left MUCH more than $4 AFTER seeing the museum.

Christopher K. Greenhalgh

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