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Mother says bullying must stop


I am wondering when it became OK for kids to bully & harass other students in school? Especially ones with learning disabilities!

Is it OK because the boys are on the football team and part of the “good ole boys club”? It’s never OK no matter the situation or the students. But don’t try to get the principal at the high school to do anything; it seems as though all he wants to do is protect his boys.

I don’t understand how some are even on the football team when they are on probation and have terrible grades!! The principal sure knows how to talk a good game to the other students and the parents but that’s all it is. He won’t even do anything when the police get involved.

Well this is one parent that says ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! My son deserves the same education as any other student in that school but he isn’t getting it. It’s time someone stands up to Millersport High School, the principal, the superintendent and the school board. And I am just the mother to do it. It’s time they realize that every student should be treated the same as the next and that no one should get special treatment over any other because they play a sport!! The principal says this is the best school in our district. If that’s so why have so many parents taken their kids out of that school?!

Penny Arnett
Fairfield Beach

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