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More support to re-elect Hart Licking Township trustee

Dear Editor:

This letter is in support of re-electing Joseph Hart as Licking Township Trustee.

Mr. Hart has served as Licking Township Trustee since 2008, served two terms on the Lakewood Local School Board, and actively serves on several other Boards within Licking County. He has been a staunch supporter of Lakewood Local Schools and Lakewood athletics for many, many years and his commitment and dedication to our community is immeasurable.

Mr. Hart consistently demonstrates a high level of integrity, honesty, sound decision making, good fiscal stewardship, attention to detail, leadership, and a true desire to do what is in the best interest of all residents of Licking Township. Mr. Hart embodies the very definition of civil servant in that he takes great pride in representing all members of his community with an open-mind, practicality, and approachability.

Serving alongside Mr. Hart since 2012, I have witnessed firsthand the integral role he has played in promoting what is best for our township. He has served as the Board Chairperson for 12 years and has worked collaboratively with his peers to: establish and operate within annual budgets; oversee various contract negotiations of small to large scale projects; evaluate township fire department and road department needs annually; offer expertise in hiring/appointing LTWP personnel; handle various zoning issues that arise; help facilitate the transition of our fire department to a paid, part-time department providing 24/7 Fire & EMS coverage in Licking Township; work collaboratively to envision, plan, budget, and oversee construction of the new fire station using estate monies; work with all departments to reduce unnecessary expenditures while identifying areas of increased revenue potential/investment opportunities; acquire necessary land for expansion of township cemeteries, & promote township participation in Licking County MS-4, Licking County River Round-up, Licking Township Roadway Clean-up; Licking Township Tire Amnesty; and Volunteer Firefighter Dependents Fund.
Mr. Hart has an impeccable attendance record, is reliable, and makes himself available to residents, personnel, and vendors.

What you see is what you get with Mr. Hart. There are no gimmicks. No hidden agendas. No special interests. No good ole’ boy backdoor politics. He is just a man who has dedicated his time selflessly to the betterment of his community by humbly serving with honesty and integrity.

On November 5th, I encourage you to join me in voting to re-elect Joseph Hart Licking Township Trustee.


Andrea M. Lynch

Licking Township Fiscal Officer

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