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More support for ‘speed trap’ claim


I could not agree more with Kevin Gorham’s letter. It does seem to the casual observer that the Buckeye Lake Police Department has increased traffic stops on Ohio 79 as noted in The Beacon’s police reports. Recently there were 19 speeding citations listed over a span of seven days, most of which were on 79. The fines for the violators are in excess of $120 per citation, not too bad for a small community for one week’s work!

I am more than a casual observer. I was issued a ticket in October for speeding on Rt. 79 after exiting the I-70 ramp. I was told by the officer that radar flagged me going 47 mph in a 35 mph zone at the fire station (approximately 100 yards past the 35 mph posted sign).

It should be noted that another BLPD patrol car was in front of me. When I said to the officer that if I was going 47 mph, the police car in front of me must have been going 49 mph plus, he had no reply. When I asked him when the last time the radar equipment was calibrated or checked, again he had no reply other than, “I have it on radar in the cruiser, come check.” Even though I truly believe I wasn’t speeding, as they say “You can’t fight City Hall.” I have paid the fine.

Hopefully now everyone has been duly warned to watch your speed. It appears Kevin Gorham is right there IS a speed trap out there! Now when travelling through the village I set my cruise control for 30 mph.

Tom Phillips

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