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More support for Schaffer


Tim Schaffer continues to stand out as our concerned and effective State Representative and we need to keep him!

When the Buckeye Lake crisis hit, he responded immediately and became our voice when other politicians abandoned us. He helped create the distress funds for businesses around the lake who have suffered financially.

As House Ways and Means Committee chair, he has led the way to $1.9 Billion in budget cuts, most to help small businesses. Overall, he lead the way in cutting a total of $5 Billion in taxis for all Ohioans over the last five years.

And he has defended our constitutional rights by sponsoring the “restaurant carry” bill so our rights are not denied while a family has dinner even though the restaurant may serve alcohol. He has kept the cost of the CCW processing affordable for everyone as well, despite attempts by others to increase it.

Tim Schaffer is truly for the people of Ohio!

Robert J. Masone, MD
Buckeye Lake Village Council

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