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More support for O’Brien


Trust and Dedication. These days there seems to be no end to news coverage of politics and politicians, and it is no wonder we find it hard to find a candidate we can believe in and one we can trust.

Jim O’Brien, however, has proven to be such a candidate during his term as Perry County Commissioner. Jim has worked hard for all of us, making common sense decisions and cooperating with others and there is no doubt he will continue with the process that has been made toward a better Perry county.

Jim knows us and knows our county, having grown up on a farm, worked in the coal mines and for a local surveyor. Above all, he is a dedicated father and grandfather, looking out for the future of his family and of yours.

We need to keep Jim O’Brien in office and let him get on with the valuable work of helping Perry County to become an even better place to live. We can trust him to do just that.

Joyce Smeigh

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