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More support for Liberty Union bond levy


As a lifelong Baltimore resident, I continue to be impressed with how well this community rallies on important issues. The time is here again to rally around the youth in the community and vote YES on Issue 7 March 4th.

Issue 7 will release $17.2 million in state funding to make improvements to our high school, make updates and improvements to our auditorium (a staple in the community that no one wanted to see go), and construct a brand new middle school. I know the question remains, What does this cost me?

Due to sound financial management by the school, the 1.59 mill bond levy that was passed in 1985 to build the high school will be paid off early and NOT be a part of our January 2009 taxes. Bottom line, this means the 2.8 mil bond levy is really only 1.21 mils. In dollars, that is $3.53 per month per $100,000 (tax assessed). For senior citizens, it could be even less, as they can be exempt from the first $25,000 assessed on their property!

This is another opportunity for our community to come together. We can show support for our young people! Please join me in voting YES on Issue 7 March 4th.

Shaun Hochradel Baltimore

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