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More support for Leith


Dear Voters – I am writing in support of the re-election of Doug Leith as Walnut Township Trustee. He was one the trustees who worked hard to obtain the fabulous grant for our area in Fairfield Beach. This $500,000 state grant will be used to upgrade our roads, park, storm sewer and a walking path. I understand this grant was one of just a handful awarded by the state.

I ask for your support of Mr. Leith since one of the other candidates is from the Beach area. He has not lived here very long and does not understand our area like Mr. Leith. I also encourage you to educate yourself on the back ground of this other candidate. We want to keep people like Mr. Leith watching over our tax dollars and spending it wisely. Please vote for Doug Leith when you go to vote.

B.J. Cottrill
Fairfield Beach

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