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On Nov. 6, two issues will be decided by the community related to Lakewood Schools. The first issue is a renewal of the emergency levy passed back in 2003. This issue is essentially identical to the issue passed back in 2003. The renewal would take affect upon expiration of the 2003 levy.

The second issue is a new 1% income tax on earned income. Many districts near Lakewood have benefitedfrom this type of local funding. The income tax is an alternative to requesting higher property taxes.

Lakewood is like all other school districts in Ohio. State funding formulas are not designed in a manner that alleviates the need for districts to return to their communities for local support. However, unlike some school districts, Lakewood has historically relied on taxes generated by local industry. Unfortunately, the reliance on this revenue, from personal tangible property tax from local industry, will be phased out in the future as a result of House Bill 66. This loss of revenue will impact Lakewood Schools ability to sustain programs.

This community takes great pride in their schools. My children are Lakewood graduates and are each currently in college. Our family values education and we all pledge our support for Lakewood on Election Day. Please join us in supporting Lakewood Schools Nov. 6.

Tim Spitzer Hebron

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