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Please join me in voting FOR Lakewood schools on Nov. 2. As a teacher and taxpayer of the Lakewood district, I am proud to support our EXCELLENT schools. Here are some points I’d like my constituents to consider.

Lakewood’s need for additional funds does not stem from financial mismanagement, but because the State of Ohio no longer funds 4.4 MILLION dollars of our budget. That money has been TAKEN AWAY. Blame your representatives, don’t punish kids.

Consider that, on a $100,000 home, there will be a tax increase of only $25 a month. How little would you have to sacrifice, to help provide future generations a rich and varied education that was your privilege? Might you have to give up a trip to the drive-through, or a few packs of cigarettes?

Finally, consider the impact of a bare bones school system on your property value and on our community as a whole. Good schools are the backbone of any vibrant community; they attract business, jobs, provide recreational activities and enrichment beyond the classroom walls. Are you willing to give up all of that?

When you prepare to cast your vote, remember that a vote for Lakewood is a vote for your community. In what kind of place do you want to live?

Pamela Swart

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