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More support for Issue 3


I am a proud 1981 graduate of Millersport High School. I strongly support the passage of the upcoming levy (Issue 3) for the Walnut Township School District.

Let me explain why. Through my years at Millersport, I was given the extra tutoring, mentoring, and attention I needed to succeed in my classes, as well as my extra -curricular activities.

I feel the education I received at Millersport helped prepare me for college, service in the community, family life and my profession. I know that because of my great foundation in education, I was able to accomplish my career goals.

During all that time, I married my wife, raised a family of seven kids and returned to the family farm in Millersport 11 years ago. Three of our children have graduated from Millersport, (the two oldest graduated from Liberty Union) , and we still have two currently attending Millersport High School.

I can say firsthand, that those who have graduated from Millersport in our family, have taken advantage of the education and opportunities available in our school district. They have been very well prepared for attending the university of their choice, while turning away other universities that were seeking quality students like themselves and other MHS graduates. We may be small, but we care and can produce some great people that can make all the difference in the world. That is why I support the levy for Walnut Township School District.

Glen E. Keller, DC
Walnut Township

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