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More support for Hupp, VanBuren


‘Trustees at Work’ is the sign that I proudly display in my front yard for all to see on US 40 in Brownsville.

Trustees Dan VanBuren and Ben Hupp are the two incumbents running for re-election for Bowling Green Township Trustee on Nov. 5.

VanBuren and Hupp have proven to be valuable assets to our community. They do 99% of the physical labor required by the township. Their dedication has saved our township thousands of taxpayer dollars. The amount of work needed to be contracted out has been at a minimum, thanks to Trustees Hupp and VanBuren.

It is not surprising that they were the only two candidates to appear at the “Meet the Candidates” event last week, to answer questions and concerns from the residents of this township. Their show of respect toward the community, their diligence with all township matters, and their desire to move this township forward, has earned them the right to be re-elected.

David Skinner

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