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More support for Coach Dave


We can’t believe the lies that are being told about Coach Dave Daubenmire. How can folks be so gullible as to believe them? Dave and I were teammates on the only championship football team that Lakewood has ever had – 1969. I have followed his career. He has been a winner everywhere he has been.

Even more importantly, the example that he will set for the young men of Lakewood is exactly what our young people need. He is of high moral character, knows how to treat people, is one of us, and shares our values.

Sadly, a group located in California is doing everything they can to to pressure our school board not to hire him. We wonder how many people who have signed the on-line petition even know where Hebron, Ohio is. We pray our school board will not be snookered by this attack on Dave.

It would be a sad day if Lakewood misses the opportunity to hire him.

Rodney and Holly Hoskinson
Licking Township

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