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More restaurants, shopping wanted


I have lived around the Buckeye Lake area for almost three years. My husband and I built a new home overlooking the lake (near Captain Woody’s).

We are desperate for better shopping and restaurants to come to this area. Driving through Buckeye Lake (starting at I-70 and heading South), one can only be depressed and discouraged by the dilapidated structures, lack of attention to landscaping by homeowners and businesses, a poor sidewalk, etc. Buckeye Lake has a natural resource that most communities would kill for — lakefront property. But has it been taken advantage of in order to draw in new businesses and customers? The answer is definitely no.

You have got to get people out of their cars and walking down the street to visit the lakefront and businesses. You need to promote events such as art shows, sailboat races, a food-related festival (in addition to corn), Christmas-at-the-Lake, etc. BLASST is fabulous and should be more heavily promoted.

We make a 60-mile round trip each weekend to Easton for dining and shopping. We would be happy to spend our money locally if there were options other than beer, pizza, and the dollar store. Has the Chamber of Commerce researched other small lake front communities around the country to see what makes them successful and thriving? If not, let’s go Buckeye Lake Chamber of Commerce!!!
Karen Mingle

Licking Township

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