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More reasons to keep the lights on


I read in The Beacon that the village is going to turn off the street lights on June 30 because the levy failed. If this happens, it will be devastating to me. I’m a senior citizen and there are five vacant houses nearby. I can’t go without street lights.

Before the village took over the lights, I paid for my own security light which cost me $8 a month. The power company told me they would run a line to my house if necessary and I can pay them direct again. I don’t believe I should have to pay for this. I am on a fixed income as many other people are.

It’s too bad we didn’t get better communication on the levy beforehand. I don’t believe voters understood that the levy was for the street lights. They may have gotten it mixed up with the police levy. I wasn’t well on Election Day but I made it to the polls because I didn’t want to lose the street lights.

I hope the village will re-consider this decision and find the money in the budget to pay for the street lights.

Lois Thorp Buckeye Lake

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