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More ‘outside-the-box’ thoughts


In reading the rhetoric and socialist ideals in a Beacon Letter to the Editor last week about “thinking outside of the box,”,it is important for everyone to understand that the residents living behind the dam on West Bank and North Bank, (along with the other residents on the lake), generate major tax dollars for the State of Ohio, and Licking, Fairfield and Perry counties, while others outside of the lake simply use the lake for free. We also shop or have jobs in one or all of the counties. Not only do we pay high taxes, we pay boat fees, dock fees, and pay for fishing a license.

If the gentleman would like us to think outside the box, perhaps the State should take certain farmland in Licking County by eminent domain and use it for the dredge material. Oh and just to be fair to the farm owner, they can live with the stench beside their house for three to five years.

Better yet, anyone using a State Park to launch a boat or have a picnic should pay a fee. Scary, the list could go on and on. Thanks, Mr. Brill for making us think outside the box. Absurd isn’t it.

Trudy Craig
Fairfield County

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