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More opposition to ‘forced annexation’


I’m writing about the recent story that Millersport Village Council is considering annexing South Bank, Summerland Beach, West Bank and Lieb’s Island into the village.

What will be the benefit to the homeowners being annexed into the village with the exception of higher taxes for those being annexed? It seems that the village should be more fiscally responsible. Whey should we bail them out? It is robbing Peter to pay Paul. What does this do to Walnut Township?

Will the Village have money to fix the road on South Bank? Can the village handle more snow removal with just one truck? The annexation will require more equipment and staff. Walnut Township does a wonderful job on snow removal. We are also happy with the law enforcement provided by the sheriff’s office. Why change?

If money is the issue, why did the Village buy the 34 acres outside of Millersport for over $500,000? There is speculation that it is for another water tower. Really? If you could not service Buckeye Lake Village efficiently, why did Village Council contract with them?

Mr. Munday was quoted in the sotry that annexation was upheld in the Supreme Court of Ohio and it is, “theirs for the taking.”

To the mayor, council president and members, we challenge that statement, since it is about financial issues vrs. enhancements in Walnut township. This is purely a one-sided proposal.

We currently support businesses in the Village of Millersport, however, this could change.

George Scranton
South Bank

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