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I feel the need to clarify C. H. Jackson’s clarification. I wonder when I hear the things said by Glenn Beck’s detractors if they have ever even listened to or watched his shows. Glenn does not believe that Israel or the U.S. had anything to do with the 9/11 attack. He is actually a big supporter of Israel (you probably did not see his Israel special). Glenn is also not a birther (Donald Trump is though).

After reading your two letters I am even more amazed by Glenn! I wonder how he got all those people to say the things they did on video and audio tape (he must have forced them somehow, right?) Also how many “fired” people continue in their job for an unspecified amount of time? For all the sponsors lost, he is still the highest rated opinion news show in his time slot and the #3 listened to radio show in the nation.

As far as the “garbage that comes out of his mouth” last week, I heard him encourage his listeners to buy a bag of groceries and go to the unemployment office to help someone that is struggling; he has encouraged us to prepare with extra food and possibly gold or silver to protect ourselves from what Standards and Poors and the World Food Bank have said is coming our way. As for me, if this is garbage I’ll have some more thank you very much and C. H. you have the freedom to change the channel.

Sharon Stroud

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