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More ‘new’ jobs in Baltimore?


Do you remember the 125 “new” jobs that the new owners of the vegetable processing plant were bringing to Baltimore? One is left to accept that statement with a “grain of salt”. We were told how great that this would be for Baltimore because those 125 new jobs would pay an average of around $ 12 per hour. Are there 125 employees there taking home a paycheck ? It has been about two years, but I think it’s safe to assume that the “new” job count is ZERO.

Why should we now believe what they are again saying about new jobs coming to a new development at the intersection of Ohio 37 and Ohio 256 ? Maybe those jobs will be coming, but will they be Baltimore residents earning the money, or will it be employees transferred from another location. No one is saying “who” is committed to building here. It is rumored that something like “Production Credit,” or another agricultural related business is one of the two businesses to locate here. If this is the case, work such as this requires some specialized training or knowledge. My guess is that most of the positions will be filled with people with background knowledge relating to the business, with maybe a few jobs for “lesser trained” persons. The “second” business is unknown, and in fact, neither is absolutely known. Why the secrecy….if those businesses are “committed,”what’s the big secret?

I would also assume that Baltimore wants more than just water and sewer revenue, but that can only be accomplished by annexation before Baltimore can also get the income tax. Residential properties, as well as commercial properties along the Ohio 256 corridor are going to get “hammered.” The water wells and septic systems that you installed and maintained will be your loss and Baltimore’s gain.

I do hope you understand that Baltimore has spent a huge amount of money over the last several years and they really do need the money. I do not know the cost of a water well and septic system, but even though you spent probably several thousand dollars, you can find solace in the fact that now you will only pay a $75 MINIMUM fee per month for water and sewer services.

If you read last week’s Beacon’s story – “ Thornville water, sewer rates increasing – we’ve noted that “proposed” increases in Baltimore and Somerset fall in the $ 30 to $40 range. Welcome to Baltimore!!!! We’re the growth capital of Fairfield County, if you listen to our Mayor and Council. Seniors, your Social Security increase will likely NOT cover the “proposed increases” discussed above. If this is another $30 to $40 increase, on top of the recent increase, I really feel that it is time for a recall election to remove the entire village administration.

Some might think that I am exaggerating, but go to the Ohio Auditor website and look at the Baltimore audits. With the advent of the Village Administrator position, spending has exploded. A Mayor that states “the growth is coming to Baltimore” and a council that is a solid “6 yea” votes have done nothing to slow or stop the increasing debt. They have allowed a person who does not even live in our community to increase our debt, while they go home with a large amount of our money.

I also reviewed the years of 2011 and 2012 and find that there were 112 ordinances passed. Of that number, 45 were passed as an “emergency.” I also found that of the 112 votes, there was not a single “NO” vote cast. I could have searched further, but why waste my time. There were 23 council meetings in those two years. Seven meetings had no final votes on ordinances, and in one of the seven, they did not have enough members present to declare an emergency.

With the new businesses and 30 new residential “low income” dwellings in the planning stages, Baltimore will be ripe with new money sources, and the spending “might” also increase so that we can increase the debt even more. We might be a small village, and without knowledge of the loan payments on outstanding loans, figuring “debt to income” is nearly impossible, but I would bet that our “debt to income” is not one to be proud of.

You may not have “chosen” to live in Baltimore, but Baltimore needs your money, so again…..Welcome to Baltimore !!!!! You will most likely be joining us soon. The one good thing is that you will be able to vote for the village administration, and maybe with some more votes, we can take our village back and return to fiscal sanity.

We really need to elect a new mayor and find six council members that are not a six vote “Yes” quorum. Each and every man, woman and child in this village is responsible for approximately $3,000 as their share of the accumulated debt of the village, and that number will continue to grow unless voters replace our “dysfunctional” and “big spending” administration.

Why do I use the word “dysfunctional” in my assessment…The 30 “proposed” homes to be built in Baltimore were first addressed/envisioned in 2009. Now four years later, it is back. After four years, what is the necessity for declaring this issue an “emergency” and waiving the three reading rule for this to be passed. I would assume that the additional revenue from water/sewer and income tax is necessary, and so this issue had to become an “emergency”. Also, if these homes are “low income”, will the owners be able to afford to pay the unaffordable water/sewer bills or pay the income tax ????

Charles R. Lamb

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