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More Letters: ‘Watchdog’ hopes other GOB’s follow Harper out the door


At the October 1st council meeting in Kirkersville, GOB (Good Ole’ Boy) Bill Harper read aloud his letter of resignation (dated September 26th) from the Computer “Jerk” position. In his letter, he claimed that statements had been made such as “anyone can do that job;” “he is ripping the village off;” and “we don’t need to pay him $30 per hour.” Although he did not say who made those statements, Harper further claims that he “performed the job while providing a value to the village.” According to public records, Harper’s “value to the village” cost the taxpayers $600 just from July to September 2.

He also claims that the current mayor isn’t defending him and three of the council members aren’t supporting him against what he says are “misleading and slanderous allegations against (his) character” claiming that I first referred to him as the computer geek and then the computer jerk.” However, Mr. Harper actually thanked me ‘for the compliment’ when I first named him the ‘computer geek.’ But he did actually EARN one thing…he EARNED the name ‘Computer Jerk’ by his insults and actions.

And as far as his ‘character’… he IS quite a character! In fact, when I heard that he had resigned, I thought of the characters from the Wizard of Oz who sang “You’re out of the woods…you’re out of the dark…you’re out of the night!” That song was the “Optimistic Voices” and that’s what I am…optimistic! I’m optimistic that the other GOBs will follow Harper.

Harper named the GOB’s in his letter by writing, “I wish the best of luck to Council President Pro Tem Bennie Evans, Johnnie Adkins, Brian Denton, and Jamie Cloud. I also wish luck to Zoning Inspector Tom Fredericks, and Mike Cloud.”

In addition, his letter also stated that part of his reason for resigning was because he felt that the current administration was friends “allies” with me and Debi Seymour “among others.” It’s too bad Harper couldn’t have followed his own advice when he stated, in a previous letter, that we should “put aside personal agendas and allow the elected body to work for the residents of the village.” GOB Bennie Evans claimed that Harper needed to be replaced. I contend that individuals who use the computers could easily be taught how to back them up, therefore, eliminating the position of ‘Computer Specialist… Geek..or Jerk!’

Bonnie Mansfield Buckeye Lake

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