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More Letters: Issue 15 in Baltimore could create election confusion


A stealth movement is trying to change the fundamentals of our government in Baltimore.

Issue 15 was very quietly placed on this November’s ballot and would change Baltimore from a partisan to a nonpartisan village. This change would create unnecessary confusion in future elections, allow officials to be elected with the vast majority of citizens voting against them, and put our town on a path that has led to disastrous results in nearby cities.

Since our Constitution was ratified in 1788, the two party system has served our nation well. While it is not perfect, it has created the most stable democracy in the history of mankind. I believe a system that was good enough for Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, and Franklin is good enough for the fine folks of Baltimore.

A nonpartisan system can easily lead to chaos in government. For instance, a nonpartisan system would allow five people to run for mayor. That creates a situation where nearly 80% of the electorate might vote against a candidate, yet that candidate would win! If you want to see what kind of government you can get in a nonpartisan system, just gander up at our neighbors in Pickerington. Infighting, divisiveness, and personal animosity are the unwritten rules promoted primarily by the strange and archaic nonpartisan system they have decided to use. Now, a quiet few want to subject Baltimore to the same system.

I hope readers will vote NO ON ISSUE 15.

Kyle Joseph Farmer Baltimore

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