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More Letters: Council member responds to ‘watchdog’


I have several issues I would like to respond on.

On receiving “seven kinds of hell” from the good ole boys, not true, I actually got it from John Q. Public. That is what caused me to take back my apology. The good ole boys didn’t say much of anything at all.

As for passing emergency ordinances the 2006 Ohio Municipal League states that ‘Emergency ordinances require a vote of two-thirds of all the members elected to council and must set forth the reason for the emergency in one section of the ordinance.’ Sec. 731.30 R.C. When you do the math, that is four members.

As for the levy, that money also pays for salting the roads, repairing pot holes, keeping street lights working, so if the levy fails, where does that leave the village.

I also want to encourage more citizens to come tocouncil meetings, they are held the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 p.m., I see the same faces every month. We are supposed to do what the citizens of Kirkersville want, but with no input, we are left to decide on our own. Then if you object to what we have chosen to do, you tell us, which is a a little late at that point.

One last note, I want to say to Judy Casto, “Good Luck” with your new business, I feel it will do well.

Bobbi Miller K i r k e r s v i l l e C o u n c i l Member

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