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More Cash For Carp

$5000 is waiting to be caught!



BUCKEYE LAKE– More than 200 fishersmen turned out last weekend for Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow’s 4th annual Carp Fest.

Fishermen from as far away as Cincinnati and Cleveland participated. Columbus resident Dinty Musk, pictured right, caught the BLASST Monster Carp – a not-so-monster at 15.0 lbs.compared with 16.3 lbs. 2013 and 20.8 lbs. in 2012 – and bested his own record from last year in the Buckeye Lake Marina Big Haul with 528.3 lbs. Musk hauled in 450.4 lbs. last year, more than doubling the 200.6 lbs. Big Haul in 2012.

Musk only collected one major prize – $400 for the BLASST Monster Carp – per tournament rules. Thirty-two fishermen shared $3,265 in cash prizes.

Cash for carp didn’t end Sunday evening. An additional $5,000 in cash prizes are waiting to be caught. A total of 49 carp have been netted, tagged below the dorsal fin and released back into the lake. The first 48 caught anytime this year are worth $100 each. The last one is worth $200. See the rules to the right for the details.



Carp contribute to Buckeye Lake’s algae problems by stirring up the sediment which releases phosphorus into the water column. Phosphorus is a key nutrient for algae growth.

“We want to provide incentives to fish and remove carp all year long,” tournament chair Charles Prince explained. Please remove ANY carp caught whether it is tagged or not to help improve water quality.

Here’s 5,000 reasons to fish for carp in 2014 at Buckeye Lake. Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow has tagged 49 carp with numbered yellow tags just below the dorsal fin. Catch one of these tagged carp to win $100. Win $200 if you catch the last one.

Carp contribute to our algae problems at Buckeye Lake. The bottom feeders stir up the sediment, releasing phosphorus in the sediment into the water column. Phosphorous is a key nutrient for algae.



Thanks to the Buckeye Lake Ski Club and other donors, this year Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow can expand our efforts beyond the twoday Carp Fest to reduce the number of carp in the lake.

Here’s how it works:

• Fish anytime in 2014;
• If you catch a carp look for the yellow tag,
then let the fish die;
• If the carp is tagged, recover the tag and take a photo of the DEAD
fish or preserve the DEAD fish for verification;
• Call 740-928-5541 (Buckeye Lake Beacon) or take the tag/fish or
photo to Z’s Village Market in Buckeye Lake
to start the claim process;
• Please do NOT put dead fish in
Buckeye Lake State Park trash containers!









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