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The BLASST got its first donation months ago from Jim Arter. He is coming back to the lake for our celebration for the first time since his mother’s passing. Jim’s mother Jean almost always sold the most t-shirts for us plus she sold flares. She was a big BLASST supporter and a true American. She is missed by more than her family. Jim started the lighted night boat parade which was pooh-poohed by Watercraft the first year. But, oh was it beautiful! Welcome home, Jim!

Some us of hope that someday we’ll be able to have a night lighted boat parade all by itself. Is there anyone out there that wants to take on this project? What a boost for lake businesses.

Our t-shirts will come in Friday, but they will have to be folded and bagged before they are delivered to our sales outlets: Buckeye Lake Marina – 467-2697, Millersport General Store – 467-2500, Island House – 467-2035, Pizza Cottage – 928-1144, Harbor Hills Country Club – 928-3596; and TC Market – 246-6509. We’ve included their telephone numbers because we cut back on our order quantities this year. That way you can call ahead to make sure they have the sizes you want. We had more businesses volunteer to sell our shirts this year, but we didn’t want to spread our limited inventory too thin. We are grateful for your offer just the same.

Much to my dismay the company that made our luminaries has gone out of business. We are looking for another manufacturer, but so far we haven’t had much luck. I am very unhappy about this to be honest. Seeing our beautiful lake lighted up like a big birthday cake was my favorite part of our celebration. However; both Buckeye Lake Hardware – 928-4700 and Millersport Hardware – 467-2500 will be selling flares. Please, please, please call ahead and order the quantity you want to cover your lake front property.

This is my 10th anniversary of volunteering for BLASST. Long-time lake residents probably can tell that my enthusiasm has waned since the days of “two round women in the golf cart.” So for my anniversary, please light up your property with flares or luminaries.

My good friend, Sharon Casto made some beautiful hats for lake front residents to collect money donations at your parties. Not one hat was used last year. If you are willing to collect for BLASST, please sign a hat out from The Beacon office and return it there after 3 July. Please try to get your regular guests to write a check instead of putting in cash.

That’s all for now!

Victoria Wolfe

West Bank

P.S. I want to thank Donny Harkins for getting me home from my business meeting with Eddie Hulls last week even though he drives like a girl. Eddie tells me he will have to read this to Donny since he didn’t get past the 6th grade. Lol!

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