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Mooney: ‘Just don’t call me mister ‘


Once again Village Administrator, Marsha Hall, mounts her inverted lecturing bucket and in her 2/7/09 letter, delivers a scathing denunciation of resident, “Mr. Dave Mooney.” It is clear that she was groping for something to say but wasn’t sure just what it was. The only merciful thing about the whole effort was that the letter was short. The note is juvenile and it’s likely that Hall was typing with one hand while grabbing her political rump with the other. Her constant and irritating use of the word “infrastructure” proves that this is the main word in her vocabulary. However, it’s a good word to have around when you can’t think of anything else to say.

She gets far enough to accuse me of being “provocative, vexatious, and inaccurate.” To use these words, Hall obviously had to use a dictionary and by the time she found a dictionary, she had forgotten what she wanted to say. But it’s not unusual for a hard working VA to get rattled.

I also highly resent Hall’s referring to me as “Mr.” It makes it sound like she’s got class when she ain’t got any (I didn’t have to use a dictionary to find the word “ain’t”). She can refer to me as “junkyard dog” or anything else that pleases her, but just don’t call me “Mr.” It would be best, however, if Hall just stopped writing altogether.

Hall claims that my account of the water project is “inaccurate.” If anybody’s view of village affairs is in error, it is simply because the administration puts out precious little information about town affairs. Little, if any, info was issued about the current water venture. And if one were stupid enough to go to council for news, he would be met with arrogance and confrontation. Too often council thinks that town affairs are no one’s business. And it seems that the recent conjuring about the water project was not done in the public bunker council chambers, but rather, was done in the semi-private atmosphere of the Griley house.

Without question, the present administration run by Kalish, Hall and council, is the biggest collection of political garbage ever to be in charge of village affairs. Based on a small town analogy, it resembles the G.W. Bush fiasco that represents the worst performance in the annals of U.S. political history. Even now, after eight years, we are trying to recover from the twisted little guy from Texas. Likewise, it will take many years to recover from the damage done by the local partisan crew.

But just who is this person that is accusing “Mr. Dave Mooney” of writing “inaccuracies?” Marsha Hall is the former mayor of Canal Winchester who was booted-out by the voters because they had no confidence in her job performance. Then our everready village council, having immediate use for an unemployed carpetbagger, determined that although this inept woman wasn’t fit for mayoral function, she just might be retrained to serve as Village Administrator so long as she was able to write an occasional Letter to the Editor. However, her letter of 2/7/09 shows that she is unable to write even a credible cover-our-rump message.

After Hall’s dismissal, Canal Winchester – under more competent leadership, has been able to attract highly desirable commercial enterprise including the extremely lucrative multi-million dollar hospital facility.

Meanwhile, back in the Baltimore bunker, Hall, Kalish and council are engineering the most extensive and rapid decline in Village history. The railroad no longer serves as useful purpose. The canal days are gone. The old hotel is for sale as is a large church. The old paper mill is an eyesore and disgrace to the community and has earned for the village the title “stink town.” Our water system is in a state of complete disrepair as well as a large part of the sewer system and all village streets. Local businesses that were thriving during the 30’s depression are now gone. Downtown is a shambles littered with novelty ventures, shredded American flags, and empty store fronts.

One of the main highway entrances to our town is destroyed by the sight of junkyard agriculture, propane tanks, the township’s mess of gravel piles and other unsightly business ventures. The Village of Baltimore is rapidly gaining the reputation of Fairfield County’s junkyard.

And the town’s VA ($63,700 yearly – and counting) is on a juvenile letter writing jag accusing me of making “vexatious” statements. Wouldn’t it be better if this town clown would use her time addressing the fact that there was 22 water line brakes in the month of December alone and that no town street has been blacktopped in many years and that there is no viable plans to improve the situation?

Instead of going on wild goose chases such as the new water system (whatever its mission) the town’s first priority should be to clean up our village so that we might attract desirable growth. No family, after touring the old paper mill site in depth, would ever choose to locate or build in the Village. No one on council has the brains or foresight to see the need for a village cleanup. Consider the disgusting and exposed plumbing mess on the west end of the town swimming pool. $200 worth of privacy fence would cover this eyesore, but no one sees the need.

If the town council needs guidance, let them look to Pickerington and see what good leadership can do for a small village. The worst street surfaces in Pickerington are several times better than the best streets in Baltimore. Under the present leadership of partisan clowns, the Village of Baltimore is on a slippery slope that leads to nowhere and it will take future and gifted leadership to reverse the situation.

However, Hall suggests that if we want an “accurate” view of town affairs we should have the good sense to contact a real person in the administration. But then, who in creation would want to squat in the bunker with Hall – for any reason.

In the meantime, I would be much blessed if Hall not oblige me to respond to her inaccurate, provocative, and vexations future letters to the editor. She is just not worth it.

Dave Mooney Baltimore

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