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Mooney discovers critic’s true identity


The Baltimore residents who read the two letters that the Beacon published on May 10 and 24; and further identified as authored by a certain “Diana Snoke of Mesa, Arizona,” should be advised that both these letters are concocted and assembled by at least two persons working together to deceive the Beacon, townspeople and anyone else reading the paper.

Although they tried to hide their identity and used deceptive tricks in the effort, Diana Hamilton of Lancaster and her friend, Dennis Rose, the terminated former “service superintendent” of the village, both connived and worked together to construct the letters claiming to have been written by a person from Mesa, Arizona.

Diana Snoke is Diana Hamilton’s maiden name. She has a very close relative that does live in Mesa, Arizona. This whole letter writing scheme should be obvious to anyone. For anyone who is interested, I can supply the entire record of this Diana Hamilton including her address, her phone number, her employer, her superior’s name and address and anything else of interest.

In her May 10 letter, she says that I am “all bark and no bite.” Well, maybe. But through our own research, we got enough information to make a total fool out of this deceptive woman from Lancaster.

The other part of this team is Dennis Rose who village residents remember as the incompetent and terminated former service superintendent. Rose tried – and failed, six times to pass the required water test before the not-too-rapid village council decided to terminate Rose along with his job title. However, Rose lasted five years and accumulated a full quarter million dollars of taxpayer salary.

In a previous letter to the Beacon, I maintained that it was Rose who supplied all of the bunker information to Hamilton who, in an obvious effort to protect this town phony, then concocted two letters about Dave Mooney who she felt was instrumental in the firing of her friend. No sense in giving further details. The reader can figure out the rest.

The question now is why it took village council five years to realize that Rose was of no value to anyone and wasted thousands of dollars of town money on this clown? This helps to show the mentality of the out-of-control dudes running the Village.

But more importantly, it was our Village Administrator Marsha Hall, who the village has paid more than one third of a million dollars ($63,700 yearly) that dragged the deadwood Rose into town in the first place. And now, the chilling news is that council is preparing to give Hall a substantial raise. It is time now for our rabbit-brained council to realize that Hall, herself, is a worn-out Canal Winchester political hack and should be shipped out of town.

I am Dave Mooney. I sign my letters. I am not from Mesa, Arizona. And I stand by my statements.
Dave Mooney

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