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Mooney critic responds


I, once again had the opportunity of reading a rather childish letter from a Mr. Dave Mooney of Baltimore. In his letter he says my letter to you was “phony, concocted and a fabrication.” Rather than lower myself to his standards and keep rambling on about something that he obviously has no clue about, I will tell you and your readers and this gentleman (and I just that term quite loosely), I do not live nor have I ever lived in the Village of Baltimore. My name is real and when wrote my letter I was visiting a relative of mine in Arizona. I am sure that Mr. Mooney has heard of the internet and with him being so smart, I realize that surely he realizes that even people in Alaska can read the “Buckeye Lake Beacon” as so can others that live out of the country.

In case he needs the help, he can findyou guys the same way I did and that is by going to www. and click on it. And bingo, guess what you can findthere. I have friends in the Buckeye Lake region and I stay in touch with them whether I am in Arizona, California or wherever I may be. Just because you respond to an article that you feel is nothing but an irate citizen responding to their local government because things do not appear to be going their way, doesn’t mean that you are from their area. I have written several articles that have been published in local newspapers and as long as I am a citizen of the United States I am free to utilize my constitutional right of freedom of speech, as is Mr. Looney (oops, sorry) Mr. Mooney.

In closing Mr. Mooney I will only say this to you, may God bless you and have mercy on your pitiful soul.
Diana Snoke
Mesa, Arizona (or wherever
my travels take me this next

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