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Millersport’s On Track

Photos by Charles Prince & Scott Rawdon

Photos by Charles Prince & Scott Rawdon

MILLERSPORT – It’s a dream come true for the Walnut Township School District. Millersport High School Principal Charles Leedle said the district has needed an all weather running track for many, many years, and finally the stars aligned; an all weather track is currently under construction and should be complete by July. “This has been a long time dream for us,” he said.

Heiberger Paving of Canal Winchester is charging $316,571 for the eight-lane track. Claypool Electric of Lancaster will remove all six stadium light poles, replacing them with four poles with more lights at a cost of $110,000.

The $426,571 cost will be offset by a $25,000 Columbus Foundation grant, the track and field committee raised $25- $30,000 in donations and the athletic boosters pledged a portion of the $25-30,000 for equipment and construction. Developer Andy Wolfe donated $10,000 and Leedle said still more funding may be coming. The school district’s share will come from the Certificate of Participation bonds sold last year to fund capital improvements.



Millersport Head Coach Ken Keener said the track and field committee was formed about a year and half ago to find some way to replace the district’s old limestone track with a sealed polyurethane track, upgrade the lights, and possibly add restrooms.

Leedle said Weldon Ice Cream’s Marilyn Pierce was instrumental in securing grants. “She’s been fantastic support for us,” he said. Once the track’s complete, Leedle hopes to hold a league meet or an invitational, but most of all he’ll be happy to have a safe place for students to run and train. “We have a strong commitment to track and field for a school that really didn’t have a track,” said Leedle.

Keener said the track will be open to the community for walking or running (not skateboards or bicycles) and the target completion date is July 1.

Leedle said the intention is for the track to be ready for fall sports.



“The kids are really excited about it,” said Keener. He said the all-weather track will need to be resurfaced and re-sealed about every eight or nine years. “We’ll have a nice looking campus the community can be proud of,” said Keener.





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