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Millersport presidential candidate explains her campaign


The United States of America is like unlike any country on Earth because of our Constitution, which includes a section of amendments clearly identifying personal rights for each individual citizen, and protection for these rights.

As Americans we have a Fourth Amendment in our Constitution, which begins “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects…” identifies personal rights of the individual.

Eric Snowden brought to public attention how extensively citizens’ rights are being disregarded, which creates an atmosphere of confusion and distrust throughout the country. Our rights a citizens are being compromised. When people are asked to hassle and coerce people into accepting these constitutional violations, the people asking and the people doing the hassling are both, whether they recognize it or not, changing America from a land of freedom to a socialistic country.

This amendment is also there to protect people from searches of their mind and body-their persons-for purposes of research, test, and experiments.

Violations of Fourth Amendment rights compromise and violate other amendments including the 13th Amendment, where it states, “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude…shall exist in the United States,” the First Amendment (free speech), and the Second Amendment (gun control).

“Progress” is not American progress, but progress toward Socialism when those in power focus their attention on finding ways to monitor and control people instead of respecting people as individuals.

Restoring and protecting the Fourth Amendment rights of individuals restores a founding principle of America-respect for each other and respect for yourself.

I am campaigning to be president of the United States of America because Fourth Amendment rights need to be restored and protected. Government needs to be smaller, less intrusive, and less secretive. Bring back open discussion and debate before imposing laws on American citizens. People work hard for their money-no inheritance tax. Make jobs in government jobs people can be proud of and not jobs that compromise their own rights or others’ rights as citizens. Enforce the Fourth Amendment and balance the budget to restore American pride and strength. My name is Joyce P. Constantine.

Joyce P. Constantine

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