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Millersport is well protected


The recent events regarding 11 police officers shot in the line of duty has given way to a time of pause and reflection. These are uncertain times for a lot of people. Things are tense all around us. And it is within this context that I am thankful for “Our Men in Blue”.

The village of Millersport is fortunate to have 23 officers on staff for our police department. That is one police officer for every 42 residents for our village. In Columbus that ratio is one for every 427 residents. Wow. What is even more striking is that only three of our officers are paid to patrol, protect and serve. Three. One full time chief and two part time positions.

The other 20 officers are volunteers. They receive no pay. They put it on the line every shift, every mile, every “routine” traffic stop. The recent events indicate to me that there is no “routine” to this job. What is also striking about this serial dedication of the volunteer staff is that our village does not issue the uniforms or equipment to the volunteers. This means that a volunteer officer must invest approximately $2,700 of their own money just so they can patrol, protect and serve our village.

Two thousand seven hundred dollars of their own money to put “it” on the line for nothing in return. I hope that you will join me in giving, at a minimum, a sincere thank you and respect to these fine professionals. As for the three paid officers? Why are they any different? They are not. We (as a village) can offer them, at least, some monetary gratification for their professionalism and dedication to a profession that allows us to sleep and raise a family in a safe haven. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Thanks to “Our Men in Blue”.

Shane Wise

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