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MIL takes action with her own hand


“There are many small towns in this land that bully and harass innocent people by allowing police officers to run rampant, but Kirkersville, in my opinion, is the worst of them all,” was the first sentence of my very first Letter to the Editor of The Beacon in November of 2004. This no longer applies to Kirkersville since they voted out the GOB’s and removed all rogue police officers years ago.

I began writing Letters to the Editor as a way of not only letting the public know what was happening but also as a way of protecting myself and my family. After Monday night’s BUCKEYE LAKE council meeting, I was quickly reminded of that same feeling of malevolence and feel a very strong need to make the public aware.

Although I was late getting to this meeting, I was there in time to realize how typical the mayor’s report was going to be. Mayor Carroll usually says how everybody should get along and then very quickly throws fuel into the fire by making malicious remarks about council member Peggy Wells or my letters in The Beacon. (Most recently he accused me of not writing a factual letter about the cats left in the car by Police Chief Jimmy Hanzey. My letter was indeed FACTUAL as I am the one who removed the cats with a police officer’s assistance.) If Mayor Carroll truly wants to “get along” he needs to stop antagonizing.

Shortly after the council meeting, I was approached by three women whom I later found out included the Mayor’s wife; his mother-in-law (MIL); and someone else. The MIL, with her arms crossed (I Dream of Jeannie style), stated in a nasty tone, “You don’t have as many cats as you used to, DO YOU?” My first thought was that she had harmed cats and I asked her what her problem was. They then accused me of having a cat that defecated in the yard of the Mayor’s MIL. I told her that I don’t even live on her street and she then leaned in my face and stated, “I KNOW” as she pinched my face.

I had no idea who these women were as I told Police Chief Hanzey what the MIL had done. He asked who did that and I pointed to the woman and asked Hanzey her name. He appeared to not know who she was and I was disgusted when I found out her relation to the mayor. I heard her tell Chief Hanzey that she only touched my face while the mayor’s wife was telling him that I got in the MIL’s face. That was a LIE! I had no reason whatsoever to speak to or approach these women as I had no clue who they were. The MIL was the aggressor and THAT’S A FACT. In addition, it wasn’t really about a cat….it was, according to the mayor’s wife, about me writing letters in the Beacon about her husband. I told her I don’t write about her husband. I write about the mayor!

I asked for a report to be filed and Chief Hanzey called in the patrol officer to do so. Although I didn’t pursue criminal charges this time, I did ask that the woman be warned not to touch me again. She was an 80 year old woman (I know that because she repeatedly stated that, in a heckling fashion, loud enough for me to hear as we were in the police station.)

Even though the mayor brought up a “chicken” issue in the meeting, it didn’t compare to the cackling that I heard from at least two of these three women. I write about the mayor, or council members, or public officials in their OFFICIAL capacity. If a public official wants me to stop writing about them, here’s what they can do: 1) Stop the behavior that gives me something to write about; or; 2) STOP BEING A PUBLIC OFFICIAL!!

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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